Our World

Our World

I looked for you and you weren't there
Where did you go?
I looked in places I had seen you before
Not so long ago.
You had been that rock for me
When all I had was despair
Now you had abandoned me
For others you feel needed your care..

It hurt me so
To watch this.
To watch us be set aside
And guide the lives of others
While you leave us behind.

Yes behind I say
Because it doesn't matter
Who it is you help.
For they cling to you for guidance
Needing attention night and day.
Yet when its us that need you most
You've already gone away.

What did we do to deserve this?
Why is this the way it is to be?
You say you love us very much,
But that is not what I see.

I see a soldier who is leading
Leading his troops to fight
Showing a good example
Doing what is right

The husband, the father he has stepped away
For there times now are gone.
This is why you could not stay
So it is I that must carry on.
You left me in charge of this lonely command
How was I to do them right?
Emotions of pride spill where I stand.
Because after all I am a military wife.

I must go on even though I am not sure how?
The others rely on me so,
For now I am their rock
And they have a ways to go.

I am stronger than you think
Even though I too have had a rough time
I get no recognition for this job
The job you left behind.

It is a job I won't take lightly
For it the hardest given to me to date
I only want to make you proud
That is no mistake!

Some have been through this before
So they totally understand.
Others it's their first time
So I will do what I can.

I will assure them
It does get better and that time heals the pain
As we all wait for the phone calls
To help us stay sane.

And so the journey begins
A year seems so far away
I will pass the time the best I know how
And not dwell that you could not stay.

I cannot imagine what you're going through
I know it must be very hard
But now I understand
The journey that is at hand.

So do what you must
Being a soldier is now your life,
I am proud of you Marco
I am proud to be your wife.