A Message To My Husband

         "A Message To My Husband"

 I love you with all of my heart,
Even though for now we are very far apart.
It will not be very long until we are together, And we will remain that way forever and ever.

 Time as it often does quickly passes,
we'll look back through rose colored glasses.
Life is often hard as you are living it,
When you look back you're thankful for the time,
And that you were given it.

 Just keep faith in God,
He will get us through.
I have no doubt in all of His love.
And all that He will do.

 So keep your head up,
Hold it high, be proud of who you are.
I will remain right here for you,
And in my heart you're never far.
 This is a message to my husband,
The love of my life. 
I am blessed to be not only your best friend,
But also your wife.
  By Heather Donald To my soldier Eric Donald