When Father and Baby Meet

       "When Father and Baby Meet"

I have this child inside of me,
But at birth her father she will not see.
She will not here his loving tone,
unless it is over the telephone.

She will not see the love in his eyes,
The eyes that I know she'd idleize.
She will not know his safe imbrase,
Or see the love upon his face.

For her father now is far away,
Fighting "The War on Terror" people say.
So for now I will try to be strong,
And let her know she is not alone.

In my arms I will hold her tight,
And tell her her daddy loves her every night.
I will let her know that it won't be long,
Until her dad is safe at home.

A few more months is all she'll wait,
Then we'll see her dad come through the gate.
I can not wait till they get to meet,
That sight I know will be so sweet.

I can not wait until that day is here,
He'll see me smile from ear to ear.
What a wonderfull moment that I will see,
For the first time face to face they both will be.
    Written by Heather Donald for Eric Donald
    Who is currently stationed in Afghanistan.