Lighthearted Entertainment is looking for women

Producers from Lighthearted Entertainment are looking for women in the Southern California area. You will be made over by world-class makeup and hair experts as well as fashion stylists giving you the look of your dreams. When the makeover is complete you will then have the chance to work with a life coach whose goal is to help you accomplish a life goal, dream, or just help you get your groove back!

All expenses related to the makeovers and life coaching will be on us!


This is an amazing chance to look as beautiful as you feel. What woman doesn't like playing dress up? Except this time you will be working with experts capable of giving you the look you've always wanted.

We are currently looking for women who have become the heads of their households while their husbands are over seas or women who want to impress their newly home solider.

We are particularly looking for women who live in the Los Angeles/ SoCal area. If interested in submitting for the show please send us an email including the following information to

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Phone Number:


City and State:

Brief Bio:

Description of what life help you need:

3-4 Pictures: