MilPDS upgrade complete: Review emergency contact information

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During the upgrade, some individual information in the virtual Record of Emergency Data could not be updated, like marital status and personal addresses, said Matt Siwicke, AFPC casualty affairs.

The DD Form 93, "Record of Emergency Data", is the source document required by law to provide emergency contact information and beneficiary designations in the event an Airman becomes a casualty. The vRED, accessible through virtual Military Personnel Flight, satisfies that requirement.

It is your responsibility to keep this information current and completion of the document is mandatory, Siwicke said. If any of your applicable information changes, your vRED should be updated as soon as possible.

Siwicke also urged Airmen to review and make appropriate changes to the Unpaid Pay and Allowance Recipient, Death Gratuity Recipient, and Person Authorized to Direct Disposition fields to ensure they are accurate, now that the conversion is complete.