Deployment Leave SCAM ( IS BACK )

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To that end we want to make everyone involved in this type of relationship aware that there is a scam involving individuals that pretend to be part of the US Military.  They go to great lengths to develop the relationship.  After they are confident they are have the relationship sufficiently, the scam artist will state something in passing that they will be asking for military leave to come meet their new sweetheart.  Sometime later the individual will inform the sweetheart that for the leave to be approved they need money to pay for the approval.  And so it begins...

Shortly afterward, the sweetheart will receive what appears to be an official email from what appears to be a legitimate military address.  The email explains that the individual has applied for and will be granted leave upon receipt of payment for a "transportation form fee"  The email will be "signed" with the name of someone who's position and biography can be found within the anals of the military internet.  Examples below are but two but the amount of this fee varies greatly and is to be sent via Western Union.

"Caveat Emptor" is the watch word.  There is no transportation form fee required by the US military for an individual to go on leave and the last time we checked the US Government does not accept funds via Western Union.  Do your homework and think about what you are being asked BEFORE you do it.

- begin quote -

Subject: Army Leave Reques
tFrom: armyleavedept at

Your information is verified, confirmed and approved by our security unit.

On the safe arrival of the soldier a Money Bank Acknowledgemen t form is attached to the documents issued by the United States Army to you - the recipient  as a fulfillment of the Money Back Guarantee agreement the refund of all the expenses incurred during the transit process.

You can proceed by making a payment of $1200 USD  for the procurement of the Transit Form to the address you have been provided for your ts2 payment.

The transit form will be issued as soon as the payment is confirmed via Western Union.


Brigadier General Kurt F. Neubauer332d Air Expeditionary Wing,Joint Base Balad, Iraq.                                                                                                                       Tuskegee Airmen...The Legend Continues.

- end quote -

We located another this similar incident orignating from a fiancee in the Phillippines on the internet.

- begin quote -

I am a Filipina,having a US Military boyfriend - Armed Forces and we plan to get married here in the Philippines hopefully this March 2010.

When my fiance filed for his LEAVE his commander told him that I, as his fiancee would be the one to request for the said LEAVE. So, I sent the letter request to his commander through email. Then, the commander replied telling me that the LEAVE will be done when after I have pay the bill $2300...that if I'm ready to pay the amount I'll just contact them/let them know through email and they're going to send me the form I have to fill in.

I asked the commander with due respect...what for is the $2300 for I don't have any idea? He answered..."THE FEE IS FOR TRANSIT FORMS, LEAVE FORMS, FLIGHT AND GUARANTEE FEE". The commander also send me a Privacy Act Statement  - Leave Request/Authorization stating: BENEFICIARY TO THE RETURNING OFFICER SEEKING LEAVE REQUEST WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL FINANCIAL CHARGES - which I searched through the net and can't find it... similar to the one sent to me .

I asked my boyfriend, "Am I the one who'll going to request for the LEAVE, why not you". He replied it's because I don't have a family of my own yet...that I'm a single and I will not be approved for such LEAVE without any valid reason.

He also told me once that he has no access with his money, because it is in the bank and it's freeze/hold unless he get out of IRAQ. I just want to know also if it's true that for security purpose there is no webcam inside IRAQ  Victory Base Complex that's why I can't view him and I can do nothing to see/prove that his pictures he's sending me is truly the one who he really is.

Is it true also that there is no means there of communication - telephone conversation the reason why he can't call me except for TS2 phoning - Thuraya Satellite  that's why I have to apply for it for him. How will I also know if he's truly an active member of US Military currently deployed in IRAQ? Please help me.

- end quote -

FOREWARNED is forearmed.

 Be careful out there and before you send money to ANYONE know who that someone actually is.