Looking for Short Stories

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I'm putting together a collection on the True Military Spouse Experience. I'm looking for non-fiction stories that show the real life experiences one may face, before, during, and after a deployment. 

The military does its best to prepare couples, for dealing with deployments, but I don't think it's enough. I have been a Navy wife for over eleven years now and I married at nineteen. My military experience has been part of my personal journey and growth in to women-hood. Thinking back on how I reacted to things at 19 and now 29 have changed greatly. 

I believe a collection of stories range from first deployment to sixth this could be a powerful tool to help young and new military spouses. To help them see they're not alone in the emotional up-hill battle in loving and coping with a military spouse. Not to mention the headache that comes along with being launched into a world of dealing with the government on such a personal level, for the first time.

If there are those of you out there who would like to have a voice, but don't write. I'll also be conducting, descriptive interviewing and putting together profiles that may be used as well. 
In addition, if you were once a military spouse, but are now divorced, I encourage you to tell your story as well and help give back to the next wave of spouses.

This is all on a voluntary bases. No money will be paid for these stories. It is simply a chance to have a voice.
Stories should be between 750-2000 words, per story. All those interested in submitting should focus on one pivotal event or problem before, during, or after deployment, that changed you in some way; could be you as a person or maybe a belief system. You may submit more than one story. Please be sure to have a contact number and/or email for me to notify you if your story or profile has been selected to be part of this collection. A waver will need to be sent out. Thank you and I look forward to your submissions and/or interviews. If you are interested, but have questions, please feel free to e-mail me or e-mail me a phone number and I will contact you at my first opportunity. Thank You.

Ruth Spickelmire
San Diego, CA 
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