Operation Care and Comfort at Old Navy

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There are three ways that customers can participate in the donation process:
-For every flag tee that customers buy 7/1-7/5, Old Navy donates a flag tee to the troops (this contributes to our 500,000 goal as mentioned above).
-Customers can also buy donation cards to donate flip flops (goal of 500,000 nationwide as well).
-Customers can purchase adult basic items to send in care packages: socks, underwear, boxers, and basic t-shirts

As a thank you for their support, we will be giving all donating customers a 10% discount off of their entire purchase.

This is a national event, with a lot of media surrounding it (to be featured on 30 major TV programs, radio and TV advertising, etc.), but we really would like to bring it closer to home and have presence from all military divisions, military spouses and kids, community influencers, and the like at any of our stores. 

The kind of support we are seeking is to have Military presence (set up recruitment stations, bring any type of military vehicle to create excitement around recruitment, stand by our letter writing station for customers to write thank you letters to deployed troops for care packages, open to your suggestions!), Military family presence (letter writing station, coloring and games for kids, open to suggestions!), as well as media presence to create awareness around this great cause.

 Contact the nearest Old Navy store if interested.