Army Announces Force Structure Actions

August 06, 2009

The Department of the Army announced today a series of planned unit activations, inactivations, and realignments at four installations. These force structure and stationing actions will result in a decrease of 387 soldiers at Fort Bragg, N.C., a decrease of 432 at Fort Campbell, Ky., an increase of 454 at Fort Carson, Colo., and an increase of 274 at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.; and will continue until complete in October 2011.

    At Fort Bragg:

               Units to activate:

                               102nd Engineer Sapper Company

                               137th Engineer Sapper Company

                               919th Engineer Support Company

                               738th Engineer Support Company

                               919th Engineer Support Company

                               44th Medical Brigade

                               49th Quartermaster Tactical Water Distribution Platoon

               Units to inactivate:

                               186th Quartermaster Company

                               600th Quartermaster Company

                               612th Quartermaster Company

                               44th Medical Command

                               1st Contingency Planning Team

                               270th Signal Company

               Units to realign:

                               307th Engineer Battalion

                               101st Chemical Company

                               503rd Ordnance Company

                               11th Quartermaster Company

                               364th Quartermaster Supply Company

                               647th Quartermaster Company

                               127th Quartermaster Company

                               528th Medical Detachment

                               108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade Headquarters, XVIII Airborne Corps

    At Fort Campbell:

               Units to inactivate:

                               196th Quartermaster Detachment

                               2-44th Maneuver and Air Missile Defense Battalion

                               106th Transportation, Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment

               Unit to realign:

                              305th Supply Company

    At Fort Carson:

               Units to activate:

                               247th Quartermaster Company

                               497th Engineer Company

                               544th Engineer Company

                               40th Engineer Detachment

               Units to realign:

                              230th Finance Company

                              148th Military Police Detachment

    At Fort Leavenworth:

               Units to activate:

                              40th Military Police Battalion

                              165th Military Police Company

These stationing actions are a part of integrated force structure changes that support the Army's transformation requirements and "Grow the Army" initiative. The force structure actions will result in no change in Army civilian authorizations at each installation.

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