"Proud to be an American" Photo Contest

As we just recently passed the 4th of July celebrations, and since we are always proud of our country's soldiers, we were hoping that you and your readers would be interested in sending us patriotic and Independence Day photos. The contest is simple and only requires entrants to email a photo celebrating their patriotism, and a short description about the picture and why it expresses their pride to be an American.  We are giving away a 1st and 2nd place prize, with a chance to win up to $300 in U.S. Savings Bonds and a customized, made-in-the-USA frame.
I hope that you will enter the contest and if you have any feedback about the contest please let me know.  Thanks!
To enter go to
Jessica Joram
Marketing Assistant
Church Hill Classics
594 Pepper Street
Monroe, CT 06468
203-268-1535 ext. 132
Fax: 203-268-2468
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